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Desert Culture

Why Buy Havasu 1:

Our Family fell in love with Lake Havasu over 30 years ago. Weekends were spent on the Lake, boating, skiing, dirt biking, and simply enjoying all that Lake Havasu has to offer. Every spectacular sunrise and amazing sunset still keeps me running for my camera. Our decision to purchase a home in Havasu was a “No Brainer”. Havasu is “our” place where we come to take a deep breath, exhale, and just simply enjoy life. Bruce & Jill

Why Buy Havasu 2:

​Havasu...AKA "Our Happy Place!" Been vacationing here since the early 80's, and thrilled to now be homeowners in this slice of paradise! Regardless of the season, we love what Havasu has to offer. From the remarkable sunrises to the breathtaking sunsets, our days here are spent making wonderful family memories...boating, fishing, hiking, riding, shooting or just napping, that we will treasure for a lifetime! Scott and Carleen

Why Buy Havasu 3:

​We retired to Lake Havasu City from Southern California as it is only a short five hour drive to visit our children, who still live and work there. Havasu is a playground for our children who love boating on the lake, shooting in the desert, and off-roading. Havasu was a vacation destination for us 10+ years before we retired here. Lake Havasu City has a much lower cost of living than So Cal, in taxes and real estate. The bonuses for Havasu living are the special events such as the balloon festival, pyrotechnic convention, music festivals, car shows, boat races, winter festival, and all the other smaller events that come to town. The town has many associations for motorcycle, off-road, and vintage car enthusiasts. Since moving here we have discovered our love of hiking in the desert. Our favorite being Sarah's Crack. I love the fact that Havasu has to be one of the most patriotic towns in America. The stars and stripes is flown everywhere. We walk daily and practically everyone driving by waves to us. Havasu is what California was 50 years ago. It is a wonderful place to live. Rob and Jeannie

Why Buy Havasu 4:

​I would like to tell you why I moved to Lake Havasu City, its simple, its utter bliss here! As a Londoner (England), the first time I drove into town and caught a view of the mountains and lake, I thought WOW and that was just the start of it. I was not just there to visit my cousin; I was there to look for a home. Of course other factors drew me to this place, the London bridge, the English village fish & chips (the best), and of course the weather - shorts weather every day! I soon discovered there is very little crime here; I've heard more police sirens in England! I soon got to know the town and made some friends very quickly. I find the people here are very polite and friendly, and there is always something to do. I almost forgot, they drive very carefully here with speeds I find are quite slow, and driving manners are - oh no, after you please. So if you want to live in a nice place, come to Lake Havasu City and make sure that you ask mike to fix it for you. I hope you all find what you're looking for. Barry

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Lake Havasu has much to offer in the form of events, festivals and a calendar full of things to do, for more info and to see what’s happening follow this link>>

why i said yes to Lake Havasu

As a southern CA resident, I recall the days leading up to much anticipated weekend trips to the river; Friday, often times Thursday's departure, just couldn't come soon enough. Commute time averaged 4 hours which included a stop or two along the way. With the hustle and bustle of LA in the rear view mirror and abundance of stars lighting the way, time had a way of passing at warped speed as next we knew, we were standing on a beach with beverage in hand.

Moonlit skies lent to late night swims off Crazy Horse Campgrounds in waters 80 degrees and above. Daybreak could not come soon enough as the glassy ski conditions at sunrise made the trip most rewarding. It's been many years since our last trip across the desert, in fact, to put time in true perspective, somewhere between 18 - 21 ft. read more>>


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